Of 3 most common car damage

You have probably experienced it: damage to your car. Although you naturally want to prevent car damage, this is not always possible. Others can also damage your car. Do you want to know which car damage is most common in the Netherlands? You will find them in a row in this blog.

1. Bumper damage

Of all car damage, bumper damage is punctually numbered 1. Almost half of all motorists in the Netherlands have had this car damage at some point. Damage to the bumper can often be found on the right rear side of the car. This is because many people park on the right side of the street.

2. Scratch or paint damage

Scratch or paint damage is in second place of the most common car damage. Virtually every damage involves paint damage. Whether your car is damaged by a heavy hailstorm or if you are driving on someone's bumper. Few cars are still pristine after a while.


3. Window damage

A small stone is enough to damage your car. Window damage is also very common and you don't do anything about it. Often this damage starts with an asterisk. It is important to have such a star repaired in time to avoid worse damage, like a crack, to prevent.

Insured against damage

An accident is in a small corner. That is also the reason that car insurance is mandatory in the Netherlands. Anyone who goes on public roads with a vehicle, must insure. How much this insurance costs and what it covers exactly, depends entirely on the car insurance you have taken out. After all, car damage is not always insured.


A Third party car insurance only compensates damage that you cause to others. A all-risk car insurance on the other hand, also covers damage to your own car. An all-risk insurance is much more extensive, because also damage by fire, theft, storm, window breaks and cracks are covered. In addition, there are also other coverage ratios between these two insurance policies. Consider, for example, a liability insurance.


Car insurance from InShared

It is wise to be well informed before you take out insurance. This way you can make a well-considered choice about which insurance is best for you. Are you looking for reliable and affordable insurance?? Then take a look at InShared.