Today, more and more furniture is made from rattan, which is a beautiful material. This trend is certainly reflected in the lamps, because such copies of rattan are now very popular. This is partly because such lamps fit into all kinds of interior styles, which is of course important. Rattan is also perfect to use for lamps, which is due to the open and light look of the material. It is therefore recommended to purchase a rattan lamp if you are looking for a new one. You can choose one of the types below.

One of the options when buying a rattan lamp is a standing model, although there are more types available. That makes sense, of course, but for now the focus is on the floor lamps made of rattan. In these cases, it is generally the case that the base is made of wood or metal. Rattan is therefore used purely for the envelope that surrounds the light. Rattan and metal is a particularly nice combination and will certainly be an eye-catcher in your living room.

Rattan pendant lamp

Be natural hanging lamps also regularly produced for rattan. S

Rattan floor lamp

chuckled nog, such a copy is extremely popular nowadays. A rattan hanging lamp is an attractive variant that will give a nice look to the interior of your home. It does this in a calm and simple way, but nevertheless it makes your home a lot cozier. There are all kinds of variants for sale if you are looking for a rattan hanging lamp, the choice is huge!


Rattan table lamp

Do you want something other than a floor lamp or a hanging lamp? Then choose a rattan table lamp! Usually this is a relatively small one that can of course be placed on a table, but you can also choose to put this on the windowsill or on a desk. Such a table lamp is therefore perfect for a workplace in your home, although they certainly fit in an office.