Natural gas-free showering and heating

The Netherlands has sustainable ambitions. Our country wants to enter 2050 for example that 8 million buildings are off natural gas. We are far from being there yet. The energy transition takes time. Yet many people are already trying to contribute to a more sustainable Netherlands, for example by installing a heat pump.

Different types of heat pumps

Heat pumps extract heat from the air with a heat exchanger, soil or groundwater. This heat is brought to a higher temperature by the heat pump by means of a process with a refrigerant and is then used as space heating and can even heat the tap water.


Electric heat pump

No CO2 needs to be released when using a heat pump. This is the case, for example, with a fully electric heat pump. The purchase costs of an electric heat pump are higher than the purchase costs of a hybrid heat pump. A big advantage of a fully electric heat pump is that gas consumption is history for heating. In addition, this pump can also provide hot tap water. The disadvantage of this is that the use of electricity and thus the costs also increases.


Hybrid heat pump

A hybrid system can be a great solution during the energy transition. An important advantage of a hybrid heat pump is the low CO2 emissions. However, this is not completely gone with a hybrid heat pump. A hybrid pump is a heat pump that is used in combination with a central heating boiler. The pump is responsible for most of the heat production, but the process of generating energy is not complete without the use of fossil fuels. Because the hybrid pump has lower purchase costs, this is by far the most popular heat pump for home owners.

Hybrid and electric heat pump operation?

An electric heat pump works completely independently. This is different with a hybrid heat pump. As mentioned earlier, a hybrid pump works together with a central heating boiler. This collaboration has two functions: the preparation of hot water and additional heating when it is very cold outside. This means that the boiler does not always switch on when the heating is turned on. This only happens when a lot of heat is needed quickly.


A heat pump makes it possible to heat your home in a sustainable way. There are many different installation companies, such as Feenstra, that offer heat pumps. Feenstra has a wide range heat pumps and not only helps consumers but also business customers with the choice of a suitable heat pump.