Don't drop your vacation in the water; 3 tips for a successful holiday in the (Dutch) regen.

Dutch summers can be capricious. One moment you drive your tent out of the sweat, the other moment you drive your tent out through the rain. Especially when you are on holiday with children it can be quite a challenge to keep that relaxed holiday feeling together. Below you can read how you can ensure that it, despite dark clouds, still remains cozy.

Go inside

It is a bit obvious, yet. It really comes with baking out of the air? Then just throw the cups in the car look for a fun indoor activity or an activity where it does not matter that you get wet. Think for example of a spa day (if there are no children with it) or a tropical swimming paradise, to the forest or carting. A good way to stay dry and learn something is a visit to a museum or one (partially) indoor zoo.

Game on!

Especially when it only takes a day or a few hours, games are an excellent way to pass the time. Let your kids take them laptop backpack take out for a digital game or have a cozy seat at the table for an old-fashioned board game. Drink something, tasty snacks and chippies and before you know it is already dry again and the sun comes out again. Extra tip for parents; buy some small odds and ends before departure and organize your own game show!


Often adults find a wet suit much worse than children. Those little ones in particular are not bothered by a heavy mood. So sometimes it's just a matter of acceptance; umbrella, handbag ladies grab and go. And let's be honest, once you get through it there is actually nothing better than stomping heavily in the puddles and then warming up with a cup of warm tea or chocolate milk with whipped cream in the tent or caravan, or snuggle up under a blanket and then watch a movie together on a small screen.