Packing tips for the holiday

Inseparable from your holiday is packing your bag or suitcase. What you take with you on holiday is not just about you, but also with the journey you will make. Which bag is practical for your holiday and how do you pack it as efficiently as possible?


The weekend bag

You don't need that much for a few days or a weekend away. Nevertheless, you take quite a lot with you. Just look at your toiletry bag; you need the same stuff. It does not matter if you have a few days, goes away for a week or three weeks. However, you can limit the amount of space by choosing as many minis as possible for a weekend. A mini shampoo, condition in cream, can save you a lot of space. For clothes you can choose the option of layers. This way you have variety and you have the right clothing with you for all weather conditions.


For a weekend away, a backpack or travel bag is usually sufficient. If you are going to be sporty for a weekend, the Kipling backpacks or travel bags are definitely for you. In a Kipling tas you can lose a lot and they are super practical to use because of the various subjects. Do you like stylish? Then take a look at the Ted Baker brand. Right away Ted Baker tas you can be seen. They are stylish and chic but more importantly they have a lot of space so you can take everything you want with you. Yes of course, that extra pair of shoes too.


Tip: Do you have clothes that wrinkle quickly? Then that is good news. Creases that go in quickly, go out again soon. A (trip)hair dryer is your ideal tool. Put the hair dryer on medium heat and let the air blow through your clothes; creases disappear like snow in the sun.


The suitcase

Do you prefer a suitcase, even then there are several options for packing them. How much you can take with you, depends of course on the size of your suitcase. Preferably choose a light model with wheels, this is the easiest way to take the suitcase with you.


Are you traveling by plane, then there are a number of conditions that your suitcase must meet. This differs per airline. Therefore, check in advance which dimensions apply to hand luggage and keep in mind that you have a suitcase that goes into the hold, must be booked in advance. Are you going to a warm country, put some airy clothes in your hand luggage so that you can immediately exchange at the airport.

Tip: For your cards and official papers is one waist bag ideal. You can keep this around or with you, which means you have your passport, do not need to deposit tickets and other valuables in the luggage compartments. Very safe.


Tip: You go back home? Then don't just stuff up your dirty clothes, but fold them up! This saves you a lot of space that you obviously need with all those souvenirs. Put your dirty clothes in a plastic bag first, is nice in terms of smells.