If a day at the beach falls into the water due to damage or theft

There are no traffic jams, the sun keeps shining and the rain stays out. A great day at the beach! If, when you return to the parking lot, a stranger has made a big dent in your car, that great day falls into the water after all. That happens quite often.

No note, nobody has seen anything and you are left with the baked pears. A little dent and paint damage run into the euros to have it smoothed out again by a company. Parking garages and parking spaces at supermarkets are notorious for this type of damage.


For such costs, the victim can appeal to the Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund. Because you can't do this on you car insurance stories. This fund is paid from the premiums of all car insurance policies to ensure that victims of unknown perpetrators or drivers who drive on or are uninsured, do not have to pay for the costs yourself.


You must be able to make it clear that you did not cause that dent yourself

In this case it is not about vandalism, it is partly because of an unknown who has driven on, an uninsured driver or someone from whom you cannot recover the damage for various reasons. It must be clear that you did not cause that scratch or dent yourself. And you have to prove that you have done everything you can to find the culprit. Then police reports and witness statements help.


In all other cases it is important to be able to call on your own insurer. A take out car insurance is therefore always important, even mandatory. After all, if you turn out to be driving around uninsured, you will face a fine of six hundred euros. Waste of money. As soon as the license plate of a car is in your name, do you have to insure this car.


Report damage or loss to the insurer as soon as possible

Another aspect of one day at the beach is to insure your belongings. We don't mean towels and sunscreen, but those precious sunglasses, smartphone or camera. With travel insurance you are insured against theft, loss or damage if you spend a night elsewhere. With a day at the beach, that is not the case. If you then lose your phone, are you screwed. If you want to insure yourself against this, outdoor coverage is the only solution.


With outdoor coverage, the loss of your wallet is also covered when you cycle to work. Be well informed about which items are covered by that cover, because there is also a lot of difference there. You must also take into account that you report the damage or loss to the relevant insurer as soon as possible. Often within two weeks. Report it to the police is also advisable in the event of theft. When taking out insurance in this way, always pay attention to the various conditions of the insurers, such as which depreciation percentages they use and what the maximum compensation is for damage..


Don't be too casual with your things

What that insurance does not apply to is if you leave your phone on your bath towel and it disappeared from the water when you return. Even if you leave your expensive sunglasses in the cafe, there is often no insurance that covers it, even if you're sure it was there on that table and you get back from checkout, the sunglasses are no longer lying down. Don't be too casual with your belongings. Don't pay attention for a moment and it has disappeared. Then insurance does not always offer a solution and you are simply out of luck.