The health insurance premium for the Egmond population will increase 2021?

Many Dutch people are afraid they will have to pay more premiums for their insurance next year because of the corona crisis. This has emerged from research of a price comparison website, performed by Q&A. Think of the respondents 81 percent that his or her healthcare premium for the basic insurance will increase.

Two thirds consider an increase in health insurance premiums unjustified

Expected from this group 70 percent a premium increase of more than 10 euros per month for the basic insurance. Spacious 30 percent expects basic insurance no more than 10 euros per month will rise. About 54 percent assumes an increase of 10 to 20 euros per month, which comes down to 120 to 240 euro on an annual basis. Two thirds of the respondents say that an increase in their health insurance premiums is unjustified. They believe that the costs incurred should not be recovered from citizens. They believe that health insurers should use their reserves to avoid high premium costs. Many respondents also want The Hague to assist.

Hospital expenditure increased dramatically

Since the coronavirus outbreak, healthcare costs for hospitals and other healthcare institutions have increased enormously. More staff has been deployed and more intensive care beds have been added. On the other hand, a lot of planned care could not take place. As a result, hospitals have lost a lot of income. Fortunately, since 1 may be a temporary fix: hospitals can receive a monthly advance. The health insurers pay this from their financial reserves. Physiotherapists and dentists may also make arrangements with health insurers. As a result, health insurers are forced to increase the premium of the insurance. According to Aad de Groot, director of health insurance company DSW, will be the health insurance premium do not rise more than usual because the costs are now somewhat in balance again. He does think one (normal) increase is inevitable, just like previous years. Health economists predict that the health insurance premium will increase by approx 12 euros per month. In addition, the income-related contribution will increase. Also is 2021 the last year that the deductible remains frozen on 385 euro.

New health insurance premiums announced in November

Those who want a definitive answer will have to be patient until November. Then the health insurers will announce the premiums for next year. From that moment on it is again possible to switch to another provider. Consumers can best compare the different insurance policies to find out which insurer has the best package, tailored to the care needs of the customer. People can up to 31 December switch to another insurance. If they do this for this day, then the old health insurance policy will be automatically canceled for them. Consumers who don't take action keep their current health insurance with the same additional packages.