Google Ads benefits for your company in Egmond aan zee

Where you used to advertise and try to reach your customer through newspapers, magazines, mail, billboards, the yellow pages or tv will pass you by in a flash nowadays thanks to the internet. While paper newspapers used to be the medium of choice to promote advertisements in color or black and white, advertising budgets are now spent online. Google Ads or Google Adwords also called is one of them. What is this? How much is this? What do you get from this? Why get started with this? are questions discussed and explained by Google AdWords tips and benefits.

Google Ads is an advertising program developed by the internet giant Google. In this online program you can set ad texts by bidding on your desired keywords that Google users search for. This with the aim that your ad will be shown at the top of the google search results if these words are searched for. Google shopping is also part of this. Your product information is read through a feed and Google AdWords determines placement and cost per click. This gives you the option to display a product image with information about the price, shipping costs and user reviews.

The search engine then shows the organic ads that are displayed under the Google Ads in the search results overview of a particular search query.

Advantages of Google Adwords

– Indicate which target group on which device (mobile, desktop of tablet) see your ads
– Possible to reach only the target group that is relevant to your campaign.
– Local, regional or national online advertising
– Sales area is easy to set in your campaign
– Time slots that the ads are visible. Handy if, for example, you only want to offer your products or services in the evenings
– Choose yourself on which keywords the campaign is visible
– Choose the irrelevant keywords of your ad campaign. Your ads will not show up when those specific words are searched for
– Advertising in Google Ads is ideal if you want to be quickly found online. For instance \ because you have a temporary promotion that you want to promote extra. A published campaign is visible to search engine users after 15 minutes. While it can take you months of time and energy to get into the organic (unpaid) search results to appear.
– Full control over your advertising costs. It is possible to set a maximum day or monthly budget. You can set the cost per click. You never pay more than what you have stated.
– When you advertise through traditional media, it is difficult to use different campaigns at the same time. This often has to do with the focus and purpose of your ad campaign. With Google Ads it is easy to use several campaigns at the same time.
– The results of your Google Ads campaign can be found in the statistics of your Google account. By carefully analyzing this data, you can adjust the ad campaign where necessary. This will help you achieve your goals even better and get the most out of your campaign.

What does Google Adwords cost?

Adwords campaign set up costs depend on your quality score per search term and a bidding system. Moreover, it depends on what the competitor is willing to pay. Keywords that are very popular, is bids more and higher than on less popular keywords. Indicate what your offer is and what you are willing to pay for it. The quality score of your ad of your keyword and how crazy it will be with the bids also by competition ultimately determines the amount that it will cost you. Whoever offers the most and has the best quality score will be placed higher in the positions by a search engine like Google.

This warms you up and you want to get started with it, but you have doubts about your own competence? Or do you want to prevent you from making wrong decisions so that the costs of your campaign rise high without having any effect? Google Adwords Outsourcedn is now the most normal thing in the world. Specialists are trained for this and have the right tools and time to put your company on the map.