For the women in Egmond: pampering tips Christine le Duc

Treating yourself in Egmond still seems to be a taboo, mainly among the women from Egmond aan zee. But this is not necessary ... Actually, this only has a lot of advantages. First of all, it is just a lot of fun to do, it is good for your health, you can sleep better and sometimes you even have more focus afterwards. Yet there are women in Egmond who do not pamper themselves at all, because they haven't really discovered the pleasure of it yet. Fortunately, this is something you can learn! Christine le Duc therefore gives you a few tips for more inspiration and variety in your own solo sessions.

Try out a vibrator

A sex toy can give you a new dimension for your solo sessions. A vibrator can move more intensely thanks to its vibrations. You then have full control over the vibrator and can move it to the places you like best! Below we tell you about a number of toys that you can use to make masturbating even more exciting!

A bullet vibrator is a small vibrator that makes clitoral stimulation more intense. You can also use this mini vibrator for your own foreplay, you can first move the vibrator over your nipples and other places that you like, and then bring yourself to a climax.

The air pressure stimulator (of womanizer) gives you intense clitoral stimulation. This stimulator works by means of air pressure waves. A completely different experience than you are used to!

Love balls & eggs can also provide a unique experience. These eggs are suitable for training your pelvic floor muscles as well as for fun. The training of these muscles also ensures that your vagina remains tight and young.

Finally, we recommend the tarzan vibrator. This vibrator is suitable for internal use, and at the same time knows how to stimulate the clitoris. There are also tarzan vibrators with a curved and they know how to stimulate the G-spot.

Feel confident and comfortable

The most important thing about masturbating is that it is a nice moment for yourself and that you should especially enjoy it. Female stimulation seems to start mainly in the mind. When you feel comfortable and sexy, you will probably also enjoy your solo session much more. You could obtain a comfortable and confident feeling by first stroking yourself on your nipples or other places that you like. Perhaps enjoying a nice warm bath first will also get you in the mood.

Explore your own body

The good thing about being a woman is that you have multiple ways to cum! That is why it is very important that you learn to explore your own body to discover what you like. The woman has spotted multiple pleasure, including the clitoris, the G-spot and even the A-spot that is very deep in your vagina. Not all women like all spots equally, that is why it is important to play with yourself a lot in different ways, so that you discover what you like.

Be creative and use your imagination

A movie can help get you in the right mood. For example, you can watch porn instead of porn. Porna is the female version of porn. The stories remain intense, but they are more focused on what women find pleasurable and exciting. You can also read an erotic story. The nice thing about reading a story is that you use your own imagination and you can fill in certain gaps with your imagination. Click here for our erotic stories.

You can also spoil yourself to your favorite music or listen to erotic music. It may sound a bit strange, but it works for some women. You only know when you try it yourself.

Of course there are more creative things you can try out. Nothing is too crazy when you have all the time to please yourself.

You can learn to masturbate

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