The Flamingo Casino in Egmond aan Zee will open again!

The Flamingo Casino in Egmond aan Zee will open 5 June open its doors again. You can combine a day at the beach with a gamble in the casino. Of course not everything will be as usual, because the corona measures are still active. Nevertheless, the Flamingo Casino is very happy to receive guests again. The casino has been given quite a lot of choice lately, including the mandatory closure due to corona and the growth of online casinos. More and more players choose to gamble in the online casino, an exciting period is coming for the physical casinos in our country.

Corona & the growth of online casinos

The casinos in the Netherlands had to deal with many setbacks during the corona crisis. The Flamingo Casino also had to close its doors for a longer period and could not receive guests. Revenues fell to zero. The Holland Casino had to lay off a significant part of its staff due to the pandemic.

In addition to the setbacks during the corona crisis, the Flamingo Casino also had to deal with even more competition. The online casinos managed to take advantage of the situation and recorded record numbers. A large number of Dutch gamblers decided to gamble online. In October 2021 the new gambling law 'Distance Gambling' will be activated. Players can therefore legally take a gamble in an online casino in the Netherlands.

The reopening

The Flamingo Casino in Egmond aan Zee will open 5 be open again in June. The casino is open from Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 AM to 24:00 hour. It is possible to visit on Friday and Saturday between 10:00 pm and 01:00 hour. Visitors don't need negative online casino to consult, there will only be a check conversation on arrival. In addition, the well-known corona rules apply, like minimal 1,5 meters away and it is mandatory to wear a mouth cap. View the other corona rules that are in force at the Flamingo Casino below:

– Maximum four people per group
– Reservation is possible at the door
– Mouth cap is allowed when you take a seat in a fixed seat behind a slot machine or slot machine
– Clean your hands regularly in the casino
– You have to sit on a stool while playing
– Mandatory use of the routes and walking directions in the casino