Egmond a must all year round

Vacation in your own country is more attractive than ever. Everyone knows that the Netherlands has plenty of nice places to offer, but for many people the call from sunny beaches abroad often sounds louder. People are now forced to choose Dutch holiday destinations and they certainly do not regret it.

The three parts of Egmond

Take the three different ones, for example parts of Egmond. First we mention Egmond Binnen with its lively village street without being very touristy. Here you can enjoy an attractive village in a wide landscape and a beautiful dune area with lots of walking., bicycle- and horse trails. The bulb fields in the spring provide unforgettable pictures and of course a visit to the Abbey of Egmond well worth it. Egmond aan de Hoef is also a beautiful historic village which is partly enclosed by dune areas, but is also located in a wide polder country. A wonderful place for artists. Walking around the remains of the Slot op den Hoef feels like you are back in the Middle Ages.

Egmond aan Zee

Egmond aan Zee is a completely different story. It was once a small fishing village, now it has grown into a pleasant seaside resort. It is a lively place but the tranquility of nature is always close by. Due to the diversity of the three parts of Egmond, everyone can find their place here and there is always something to do for young and old. Egmond is not only dependent on bathers, also lovers of tranquility, culture and history can go there very well.

Throughout the year

Egmond is actually a perfect year-round destination. How nice is it when you're on a gray day at it comparing energy are at the kitchen table and dream away with the thoughts of getting a breath of fresh air on the beach? The beach is lovely on a beautiful summer day, but also in the winter months it is nice to walk or fly a kite on the beach. Being active is healthy and that is excellent in Egmond, just like being outside.

Back to days gone by

But you can also visit the cozy Museum van Egmond where the old fishing village comes back to life. In the fisherman's room and the "Derper" shed, the nostalgic items give a good impression of the time. Exciting quests, exhibitions, there is plenty to discover here. Normally you can also leave the lighthouse with its neoclassical base 1938 visit with the bronzed iron lion. He is 37 meters high. The lighthouse is in because of the corona virus 2020 unfortunately closed to visitors. So you can only admire it from the outside for the time being.