Deliver flowers in spring: 4 spring flowers

Global climate change means that nowadays we sometimes see some snowflakes falling from the sky in the spring. But luckily there are also days when the sky is radiant blue and we feel the spring jitters in our stomach en masse. At such a moment we prefer to fill all our vases in the house with colorful bouquets.


And to not only think about yourself, is it also nice to deliver flowers to someone you care about. However, the large amount of options makes it difficult to decide which one to choose. In this blog we put 4 spring flowers in a row, so that it deliver flowers gets a lot easier.



The ranunculus is the mother of spring flowers. These flowers are available in numerous colors and have striking leaves. These grow in layers, where it looks like they are 'folded'’. In fact: from a distance you can hardly believe that these flowers are real, as beautiful as they are.



Daffodils are also those typical spring flowers that don't look out of place in any bouquet. They have a bright yellow appearance and therefore contrast nicely with flowers that are a bit lighter in color. Daffodils are real spring flowers, because this is the time of year when they spring up like mushrooms.




Also the iris, not to be confused with the inner part of your eye, should not be missing in this row of spring flowers. This flower has a completely different shape than ranunculus and daffodils. The upper leaves of the Iris are somewhat split, which is followed by blue flowers with a hint of yellow.



Perhaps not the most exciting flower to process in a spring bouquet, but no less beautiful, is the tulip. this flower, which is often mentioned in the same breath as the Netherlands, does very well in a spring bouquet in the spring months. It used to be a symbol of financial wealth, now that wealth is mainly focused on the amount of happiness one gets from it.