Cycling by the sea

There is nothing as beautiful as cycling through the dunes in a province by the sea. You can often get a breath of fresh air here and enjoy nature. Also you have a new environment where you have never been before. It's a great way to get in touch with nature. You will also see various heaths during the bike rides that are of course beautiful. In addition, you can also go off-road cycling, which is great fun especially for the youth. Of course you want to stay here for a weekend or longer. Therefore, look for a hotel by the sea offer. With this you can save a lot of money and enjoy the beautiful surroundings for a long time.

Holidays and cycling tours in Egmond

The beach and dunes of Egmond are among the most beautiful places in the Netherlands where we can go. It is a natural environment where you can get a breath of fresh air or take a nice bike ride. Within the 3 Egmonden many cycling routes can be found on paved and unpaved roads. You do have to get up early to cycle on the unpaved roads. Usually these are only up to 10:30 open for cyclists. If it is different, they will mention this with signs along the path. This way you know exactly where you stand and where you can cycle everywhere. Of course you can also make the combination of cycling and walking. There is a lot of walking area available where you can also relax.

Cheap overnight stays nearby

In a hotel by the sea iIn the vicinity of Egmond you can spend a wonderful and luxurious night. There are several hotels in the area that you can go to. Depending on the degree of luxury you want and how close you want to be to Egmond, you can choose yourself. There are suites that are equipped with wellness so that you can relax after a long bike ride. You will also find suites with different spaces in them. This ensures that you can work quietly, but you can still sleep comfortably. These hotels are also incredibly cheap several times a year. Keep an eye on the provider's website to take advantage of a nice discount.

This is why people choose Egmond

Egmond aan Zee is a destination that is popular among adults and young people. There is plenty to do in the area for all ages. For example, you can meet the local people who have a lot to tell you about fishing. However, there are also nice local restaurants where you can enjoy delicious specialties. If you can't get tired, it's also full of cafes where you can have a drink. And then of course you go to the luxury hotel to sleep well. This way you can recharge yourself for the next day. Maybe you choose the nature walk or a lovely bike ride.