The holiday period is just around the corner. Because it is not recommended to go on holiday abroad this year, is especially one vacation in your own country popular. Egmond Aan Zee is an ideal holiday destination, where you can enjoy the beach and the dunes. What do you have to take into account when you come to Egmond by car?

Make the car ready for holiday

First of all, it is important to check the car well before departure. Starting with packing the car. Do not take too much stuff with you. You probably don't even need them and you also save fuel by not overloading the car. Heavy suitcases and items are preferably placed at the bottom of the trunk. In addition, the parcel shelf must be kept free for safety reasons. Also, do not forget to, rem- and windscreen washer fluid and top it up if necessary. Check the oil and battery and check the tire pressure as well. And while you're at it anyway, also check the car insurance right away. What is reimbursed in case of damage? Maybe you can use the car insurance with another provider, because it is cheaper or has better coverage.


Parking in Egmond aan Zee

On warm days in July and August it is always very busy in Egmond aan Zee. The village is only accessible via one road: the Egmonderstraatweg. People have to take into account that they will be stuck in traffic for a long time and that it is very difficult to find a parking space. The intention is for motorists to park their car in the large parking spaces on the North and South Boulevard. If there is no room left, then it is possible to park in the private car park at the former playground De Egmonden. In addition, you can also park in the large parking lot of the ice rink De Meent. From here you can take the bus (bus 165) towards Egmond aan Zee. In Egmond aan zee holidaymakers have to pay for parking in the period from 1 March / m 1 november. That is daily from 10.00 to 19.00 hours and it costs € 1.90 per hour. In the other Egmonds parking is free. More information about parking in Egmond aan Zee You can find here


Coronavirus: measures and updates in the Egmonden

Finally, it is wise to check which measures apply in the Egmonden in connection with the corona virus. In principle, the beach is open and accessible. Keep minimal 1,5 meters away from others. Egmond has in total 8 kilometers of beach, so it would be nice if people spread all over the beach. For example, choose a different beach entrance, so that the crowds are spread. In addition, walk a bit further. In addition, keep in mind that you need to make reservations for dinner at most restaurants. In front of the Ferris wheel no reservation is required.