Does the technological development of the Netherlands remain one of the reasons that attracts many visitors every year??


The Netherlands no longer only attracts visitors who come for the freedoms of our capital. In recent years, the number of tourists drawn to technological developments in the Netherlands has grown considerably. What will that look like in the coming years??



The Netherlands has long been known for its windmills, but many other sustainable alternatives have now been added. The Netherlands is still progressive in the field of green energy, in 2019 came almost 9% of all energy used from a renewable source, which is relatively high compared to other countries. In the coming 10 year, that percentage must increase to at least 27%.

There are many visitors who come to the Netherlands to view and study these alternative energy forms. The technical university in Delft, for example, has a visitor center for green energy where about 100.000 people are shown around.


Mobile technology

The 5G network has been rolled out in almost all of the Netherlands, so that you as a visitor have a super fast and secure connection everywhere. In the Netherlands, for example, it is very easy to open the website of betFIRST casino tvisit and play a gambling game. As a visitor you know for sure that the connection will be strong enough to protect your personal information and you will not suffer from delays that hinder your experience. The fast connection also ensures that, for example, an online gambling game looks much better. A fast connection like the one in the Netherlands supports a graphic design that gives every game a very realistic feeling.



The Netherlands is currently working hard to improve sustainable connections with the surrounding countries. Technological development ensures that visitors can travel to and from the Netherlands faster than ever before. For example, it is much easier to get from Amsterdam the night train to Vienna or to go to Antwerp for a day during a stay in the Netherlands. Visitors from other countries can get to the Netherlands more easily via these roads and the Netherlands is also becoming more attractive for visitors who want to visit several countries in one trip..


International collaborations

A large part of the visitors who come to the Dutch technological developments, be invited. The Netherlands is always looking for ways to expand knowledge about technology and visitors from other countries are often invited for this purpose. In The Hague, for example, large trade fairs are regularly organized where visitors from all over the world share their knowledge about technology. In the most favorable cases, international collaborations arise at these kinds of events, which ensure that more people with technical knowledge come to the Netherlands.


Do visitors keep coming for the technology in the Netherlands?

And. Technology in the Netherlands continues to develop and it remains interesting for visitors to follow it. In addition, the Netherlands is also actively using technological developments to make it as easy as possible for visitors to come to the Netherlands, and technological developments also contribute to a pleasant experience during their stay..