If you are a fan of the James Bond films then Baccarat Pro will probably look familiar to you. The game is played regularly in the films of this franchise. At the casino game Baccarat Pro the tension between the banker and the player is particularly well known. This is what makes the game so popular. If you want to play Baccarat Pro yourself, you must of course first know exactly how to do this. Logically you don't want to lose constantly, because unfortunately that will only cost you money. Therefore, this article below will help you.


How to play Baccarat Pro?

Two hands are dealt in the game. One hand is off the bank, the other belongs to the player. Before Baccarat Pro will actually start, the player may first bet on which hand comes closest to nine points. In addition, as a player you can also bet on a tie. This means that you predict that your own cards and those of the bank will have the same value. So the goal is to bet on that hand 9 points or comes closest to this number of points. Baccarat Pro is without a doubt easy to play, you really don't have to be an expert for it.


Betting at Punto Banco

In addition to Baccarat Pro, the popular game is also known as Punto Banco. This is because the player is also called Punto, while the dealer is just called Banco. Together that will of course be Punto Banco. With Baccarat Pro you therefore have three options for betting money. First of all, you can bet on the Banco. This means that you think that the bank's cards are closer to the 9 points then come your own hand. You can also bet on the Punto, then you bet on the player's cards. The last option is the tie mentioned earlier.


The value of the cards

Before you start playing Baccarat Pro at an online casino like slotswolfcasino.com it is very important to learn what the value of the cards are. This differs from the other popular casino games while it is important if you want to win when playing Punto Banco. Let's start with the bait, what always 1 point is worth. The king, woman and farmer are not worth any points at all. In other words, if you get such a card, it counts 0 points. Strangely enough, the same is true of the map 10, because this is too 0 worth points. The cards 2 to 9 on the other hand, just have the value on the card. With these cards, the aim is to get as close to the 9 points to come. For this, both the Punto and the Banco may receive a maximum of three cards. But, 10 does not count here. So if you have a 7+4 you normally have 11, but with Baccarat Pro you are correct 1 punt.