Plan a nice route and make your bike ride completely perfect through one comfortable, good bike to purchase. Choose one with a good price-quality ratio and make the most beautiful trips, because cycling is healthy and fun! Do you need some fun ideas to take action?? We give you 5 nice cycling routes in Egmond and surroundings.

1. Around Egmond, Castricum, Heiloo

For this route you start at the historic Sint-Adelbertabdij in Egmond-In.
From there you drive through the dunes to Bakkum. You paddle on to Uitgeest via the south side of Castricum, all the way to the very tip of the Uitgeestermeer. There you turn in a northerly direction and cycle past Dorregeest and Akersloot, where you also drive parts along the Alkmaardermeer. The tour continues at Heiloo along Bollendorp and back to Egmond-Binnen. A beautiful varied route through dunes and fields and along windmills, water and historic buildings!

2. Tour of North Holland

A varied trip of approx 42 kilometers through beautiful North Holland. Start in Egmond aan Zee and cycle straight through the polder to the pleasant city Alkmaar. From there you pedal further towards Akersloot on the Alkmaardermeer. Then you set course in the direction of Limmen and then return to Egmond.

3. Dunes route

Of course there should also be a dune route in this list. Cycling through the dunes is beautiful and challenging. The tour goes up and down and treats you to beautiful views and photogenic spots. From Egmond aan Zee you first cycle inland, via Egmond aan den Hoef, Egmond-In, Heiloo, Limmen and Castricum towards Heemskerk. But before Heemskerk you turn towards the coast, where you enter the North Holland Dune Reserve. Here you can enjoy the beautiful dune landscape full of flora and fauna and you might come face to face with wild horses and Scottish Highlanders!

4. From lighthouse to lighthouse

Do you fancy a real one, tough ride with your electric bike? Then cycle to Den Helder and back! It is a journey of such 115 kilometers through the North Holland Dune Reserve. You start at the Van Speijktoren in Egmond aan Zee and cycle through the beautiful landscape to Lange Jaap near Den Helder. On the way you will pass a castle, a mill, a fortress and an estate. You cross dunes and forests and pass lakes and of course you regularly have a view of the sea.

5. Via Bergen to Alkmaar

A shorter route from Egmond aan den Hoef, through the dunes to Bergen aan Zee. Then it goes inland via the picturesque Bergen to Alkmaar. There you can take some time for a stop to enjoy this historic city. After Alkmaar you cycle to Heiloo and then back to Egmond aan den Hoef. A nice, versatile tour that is feasible for everyone.

Just this

Some routes go through the beautiful comfortable, good bike, you need an access card for this.
Also take a decent one chain lock for the bicycle met ART-2 quality mark, so that you can leave your bike with peace of mind when you go looking around!