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The Flamingo Casino in Egmond aan Zee will open again

The Flamingo Casino in Egmond aan Zee will open again! The Flamingo Casino in Egmond aan Zee will open 5 June open its doors again. You can combine a day at the beach with a gamble in the casino. Of course not everything will be as usual, because the corona measures are still [...]

Egmond aan Zee to get a breath of fresh air

It's summer again and for many people this means that she is taking a break. If you also want to go on holiday soon, then there are a lot of possibilities nowadays. Thanks to the plane we can quickly be on the other side of the world and that is very cool. If you have this [...]

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Deliver flowers in spring: 4 spring flowers

Deliver flowers in spring: 4 voorjaarsbloemen De wereldwijde klimaatverandering zorgt ervoor dat we tegenwoordig nog weleens wat sneeuwvlokjes uit de lucht zien vallen in de lente. But luckily there are also days when the sky is radiant blue and we feel the spring jitters in our stomach en masse. At such a moment we prefer to fill [...]

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Does the technological development of the Netherlands remain one of the reasons that attracts many visitors every year??

Does the technological development of the Netherlands remain one of the reasons that attracts many visitors every year??   The Netherlands no longer only attracts visitors who come for the freedoms of our capital. In recent years, the number of tourists drawn to technological developments in the Netherlands has grown considerably. How will that look in the [...]

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What to do in Egmond Aan Zee?

What to do in Egmond Aan Zee? Egmond aan Zee is a village close to Alkmaar and counts approximately 4500 residents. There is plenty to do in the village located on the North Sea. Let's see what there is to do here. Sights and Monuments There are a number of interesting sights in Egmond aan Zee [...]

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Tips for more brand awareness

Tips for more brand awareness Getting more brand awareness is very important for many organizations. It ensures that you come to the attention of the target group and that at some point they will recognize your brand. Of course, this in turn leads to more potential customers and ultimately more sales. [...]

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Of 3 most common car damage

Of 3 most common car damage You have probably experienced it: damage to your car. Although you naturally want to prevent car damage, this is not always possible. Others can also damage your car. Do you want to know which car damage is most common in the Netherlands? You will find them in this blog at one [...]

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Packing tips for the holiday

Packing tips for the holiday Inseparable from your holiday is packing your bag or suitcase. What you take with you on holiday is not just about you, but also with the journey you will make. Which bag is practical for your holiday and how do you pack it as efficiently as possible [...]

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Need a new lamp? Opt for these varieties made from rattan!

Today, more and more furniture is made from rattan, which is a beautiful material. This trend is certainly reflected in the lamps, because such copies of rattan are now very popular. This is partly because such lamps fit into all kinds of interior styles, which is of course important. Rattan is also perfect for use [...]

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You didn't know this about Volkswagen yet

You did not know this about Volkswagen Volkswagen is of course one of the most famous car brands on earth. The German company has been around for years and has since become a popular choice if you are looking for a car. This is partly because their models are known as reliable and safe, which of course matters. Despite [...]

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Natural gas-free showering and heating

Natural gas-free showering and heating The Netherlands has sustainable ambitions. Our country wants to enter 2050 for example that 8 million buildings are off natural gas. We are far from being there yet. The energy transition takes time. Yet many people are already trying to contribute to a more sustainable Netherlands, for example by means of installing [...]

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Play Baccarat Pro online? That's how you do it!

If you are a fan of the James Bond films then Baccarat Pro will probably look familiar to you. The game is played regularly in the films of this franchise. In the casino game Baccarat Pro, the tension between the banker and the player is particularly known. This makes the game [...]

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Google Ads benefits for your company in Egmond aan zee

Google Ads benefits for your company in Egmond aan zee Where you used to advertise and tried to reach your customer through newspapers, magazines, mail, billboards, the yellow pages or tv will pass you by in a flash nowadays thanks to the internet. While paper newspapers used to be the medium of choice for color advertisements [...]

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Reasons for a company party

Redenen voor een bedrijfsfeest Eens in de zoveel tijd is het leuk om een personeelsfeest te organiseren. Besides the fact that it is very cozy, in fact every company should organize company parties. But why? It has many advantages. Despite the fact that it takes time to organize this, where likely [...]

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Sports: bet you win?

Sports: bet you win? The schools have started again and so has the sport. After all the silence, sports fans breathe a sigh of relief and the TVs in the Netherlands turn grass green or Redbull red and yellow again.. Local sports associations still have difficulty integrating all measures, the routes to plot and to all [...]

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This is how you bring structure to your life

A weekend away? Departure to Egmond! Haven't you made plans for next weekend yet? And do you feel like going out?? Then book a weekend to Egmond aan Zee. This seaside resort in the province of North Holland has a lot to offer for both young and old. Whether you like [...]

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Parking policy with or without vision?

Door: Jan Haasjes, resident of Egmond. Wednesday night 24 In March I attended an enjoyable online meeting about the parking policy of the municipality of Bergen; this evening focused on Egmond aan Zee in particular. The involvement of the 29 (I thought) deelnemers was groot en volgens mij kan de gemeente haar voordeel doen met de input. Toch bleef [...]

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This is why Kustpark Egmond aan Zee is so nice

Coastal Park Egmond aan Zee by Roompot is a family park par excellence. Young and old will experience the holiday of their lives here. Below you will find five reasons why Park Holidays (the expert in holiday parks in the Netherlands) can wholeheartedly recommend this bungalow park. 1. From your bed you are at the sea in no time. You will be woken up by [...]

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Taking out a loan is increasingly tailor-made

Taking out a loan is increasingly tailor-made In the past, people who wanted to take out a loan were treated like a uniformity. A very first requirement was, for example, permanent employment, preferably for a long time with the same employer. People without a permanent contract were invariably refused a loan. In addition, it went to things such as fixed costs and expenditure pattern [...]

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Egmond a must all year round

Egmond a must all year round A holiday in your own country is more attractive than ever. Everyone knows that the Netherlands has plenty of nice places to offer, but for many people the call from sunny beaches abroad often sounds louder. People are now forced to opt for Dutch holiday destinations and they certainly don't get one [...]

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