that Sunday 6 opens to the public in September

Images also make sound in a figurative sense, for example in screaming colors, staccato rhythm, dripping paint or crackling fire. Captured in a work of art, sounds appear to be frozen at first - like in a still from a movie. But the image has acquired depth and meaning through the unique choice of the artist ...

Participating artists: Joop Haring, sculptor, painter | Anno van der Heide, installations | Hedwig van der Heiden, painter | Geertrui van Herwijnen, photographer | Gea Karhof, graphic artist | Marga Knaven, sculptor, ceramist |Esther Koeman, mixed media | Yes, Kwakman, digital media | Madeleine Leddy, graphic artist | Malou Nahuys, painter | Marina Rupert, painter | Kees van Unen, composer + Theo Steemers, photographer


The exhibition, die loopt t/m 1 november 2020, can be seen - of course under the well-known corona conditions - from 6 September in the KCB exhibition space in the villa of Kranenburgh, Cultural Countryside in Bergen. Adjusted KCB opening time: 13:30.

Photo: Geertrui van Herwijnen: Eb

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