CASTRICUM BY THE SEA – A beach pavilion that can adapt to the seasons. That is the plan of the Sports at Sea water sports center and the Deining pavilion in Castricum. They want to create a brand new innovative beach pavilion together. Both occupy one side and share the toilet group in the middle. It is striking that it "legs’ with which the height of the pavilion can be adjusted.

high-tech beach pavilion Castricum


The pavilion will be higher on its legs in winter, so that the sand can drift underneath, and lower in the summer. According to the initiators, this meets the requirements of the water board. They want for the growth of the dunes, that pavilions move along the coast and / or move towards the sea.

They also hand in one stand. Sports at Sea moves to the north of the beach entrance, the property will be integrated into the new building at the Deinng location. The wish is that they can operate their activities all year round.

No license

Deining has that year-round permit. Sports at Sea is not. Through the collaboration, they hope to have sports activities on the beach in winter as well. “The months of October and November are ideal for kite surfers”, states Mikel Mac Mootry of Sports at Sea. “That is exactly the period that we (yet) do not stand on the beach.”

The design also includes a movable roof and new technologies provide our own energy supply. TU Delft and UT Twente want to contribute ideas about the innovations in the project.

If the necessary permits are issued, the managers hope to open their doors next year at the start of the beach season.


source: NHNews