HEERHUGOWAARD – Since today there is a negative swimming advice for the Plas van Luna. Signs at the popular swimming spot around the Waardse Stad van de Zon district state that swimming is not recommended. Who gets water, due to a high concentration of specific bacteria in the water has a high risk of stomach- and intestinal complaints. But despite that warning, there are plenty of people in the water.

Luna Beach looks less crowded than previous hot days. Yet not everyone seems to be aware of the negative swimming advice, given the number of people in the water.

Two mothers playing on the waterfront with their toddlers, shocked by the question of whether bathing is the sensible thing to do. “We didn't know. Fortunately, our children are not going to die yet. We are now paying extra attention.”

Luna beach

No blue-green algae

Although standing water in the hottest weeks of the year is especially sensitive to blue-green algae, in this case it concerns "a bacteriological exceedance", let manager Johan de Jong know. The high concentration of bacteria may have been caused by a group of geese or ducks that swam in the pool. In that case, there is a chance that the concentration of bacteria will be smaller during the next measurement, and you can swim safely again.

source : NH news