by: Suzanne Rijnja


The new mayor of Bergen must continue to work on confidence, if it is up to the residents and the city council. In a draft profile it is established which qualities the future mayor must have.


After an administratively uncomfortable period, the municipality of Bergen is returning to normalized administrative relationships, the sketch begins. The successor to Acting Mayor Peter Rehwinkel is expected to make a significant contribution to continue this.

It is therefore no surprise that the following properties are in the wish list: focuses on cohesion and administrative stability, promotes and radiates confidence and tranquility. "Therefore no career mayor or a former councilor", one of the residents writes in his / her input for the profile.

Furthermore, residents hope, council and college that energetic the mayor, is authoritative and of service to the community. He or she takes position and is a leader in administrative processes. The mayor must also be able to keep track and protect complex situations from escalation.

All the core

The mayor must be able to switch well between the different centers and population groups. "From Derper Fisherman to Elite Artist", says one of the residents exaggerated in one of the 27 anonymous comments for the profile.

He or she invests in people, listens and appeals, is businesslike and sober and involved from emotional intelligence. And transcends differences through clear communication, an open attitude and transparency. The mayor must also ensure that the public administration informs the residents and allows them to think along when necessary and that this process is also guaranteed..

Preferably, the mayor is also warm and media-genial. In, three residents write, the mayor must have humor: "There was little to laugh about". This last characteristic is not literally reflected in the profile.

Coaching role

The mayor can take on a coaching role within the council and the municipal executive, organizing feedback and being open to it yourself.

Because there is "some tendency in the council to make everything political", is stated in the document, Bergen is looking for a mayor with political sensitivity, who keeps his distance and stands above the parties. When necessary, he or she addresses the council members. For the college, the mayor must above all have a "helicopter view" and identify it, on the agenda, be guiding and inspiring.

After all, the mayor must be someone who advises, connects the college and society and contributes to mutual respect and trust in the municipality as an institution.


The entire concept profile can be read on the website of the municipality of Bergen. Residents can for 25 January to give feedback on the document. On 9 The profile will be finalized in February and handed over to the King's Commissioner.