EGMOND SEA – In the Prins Hendrik care center in Egmond aan Zee, several residents in the same department were tested positive for the corona virus. De Zorgcirkel has that, the care institution where Prins Hendrik met 140 apartments, Yesterday afternoon reported to Duinstreek Centraal.

No clients have currently been tested positive in other departments. The department concerned is isolated and extra precautions apply in the other departments. The extra precautions also apply to visitors, who remain welcome.

The institution reports that the residents have maximum freedom to move within the department. All employees and visitors to the relevant department wear personal protective equipment, consisting of a mouth cap, glasses, apron and gloves. This will continue until 10 days after all clients are complaint-free.

Visit allowed

In the sections without infections, residents can continue to receive visitors and go outside, according to De Zorgcirkel. This is done in consultation with the contact persons of the clients. Visitors must register and wear a mouth mask during the entire stay.

"Employees in Prins Hendrik wear face masks as a precaution, even when not within the 1,5 meters from a client. For visitors to the day care, they wear a mouth mask on arrival and departure. The employees also keep the mouth mask on during the activities.’

Source: NHNEWS