Only after the summer will a decision be made about the recreational rental of private homes in Egmond aan Zee and Bergen aan Zee. That is the outcome of a committee meeting of the city council on Tuesday evening, where the proposal was on the agenda. The municipal council has limited recreational rental throughout the municipality this year, but there is another exception for the Terrasflat in Egmond and for Bergen aan Zee.

In the proposal discussed at the committee meeting, does the exception go off the table. If it expires, From now on, owners throughout the municipality are only allowed to rent out their homes to tourists for nine weeks. The municipal council is limiting tourist rental due to the housing shortage and quality of life in the villages. In the Egmond terrace flat there are for- and opponents of the containment.

The unlimited rental to tourists was tolerated in the terrace flat for decades. According to the zoning plan you can live there and have it as a second home. So you don't have to be registered there. Renting out your own homes is lucrative and makes having a second home by the sea profitable for many. It also drives up the price of homes. The new Housing Regulation now creates clarity that tourist rental is not allowed indefinitely. Not everyone is waiting for that clarity.

The municipal council prefers to see the homes permanently occupied, in the fight against housing shortage and preserving the quality of life and facilities in the municipality. There are also permanent residents of the terrace flat who experience nuisance from the rental to tourists. During the committee meeting, however, the councilors did not dare to make a decision. First, the council members want to clarify what the historical rental rights are. That's why the topic is after the summer, better substantiated, back on the agenda.