The college proposes to the council to consider the possibilities for tourist rental of (second) houses in Bergen aan Zee and the terrace flat in Egmond aan Zee cannot be made more spacious compared to the rest of the municipality. If the council agrees to the proposal, the notification and registration obligation of tourist rental homes will apply for a maximum of 63 nights per year definitively also for home owners in Bergen aan Zee and the terrace flat in Egmond aan Zee. This is in accordance with the amended Bergen housing regulation 2019. The proposed decision will be discussed by the council in June. A final decision follows.

Bergen aan Zee poll and discussions with the Owners' Association. Residents of Bergen aan Zee were involved in the advice via a poll.. In the poll are for- and disadvantages retrieved from two situations, namely the situation in which the agreements from the housing regulation apply in Bergen aan Zee and the situation in which houses in Bergen aan Zee may be rented out for tourists all year round. The municipality has also consulted the boards of the Owners' Associations (Owners' Associations) of the terrace flat. The boards of the VvEs have been informed of the decision of the board.

“Bergen aan Zee is slowly expressing itself to Ver Bergen aan Zee” says alderman Klaas Valkering. “The number of homes where no one lives is growing and the feeling of insecurity is increasing as a result.”. To put an end to that, we are focusing on more permanent residence in Bergen aan Zee.” The information retrieved from the poll has been weighed against the general interest of the municipality. From the objectives of the amended housing regulation, namely countering the withdrawal of homes from the housing stock and promoting quality of life, is it unwise to regulate the tourist rental of homes in Bergen aan Zee or the terrace flat differently?. This would be at the expense of a substantial part of the homes that would otherwise become available for permanent residence. In addition, many permanent residents of Bergen aan Zee have indicated in the poll that they experience nuisance from tourist rental of homes there. The Commission also notes that a different treatment of Bergen aan Zee and the terrace flat is against the principle of equality. Finally, tourist rental of homes is not allowed under the current rules. This makes it possible to rent out tourist homes to 63 nights already an expansion. The proposal will be 1 discussed in the Zoning Board in June and the planning is on 17 June in the city council.