Although September brought us beautiful late summer days, the swallows and the small songbirds in the dune area no longer stayed in our area. They follow their instinct and have already left at the end of August. Autumn is a fascinating period for bird watchers. The massive migration of the cranes from Lapland to the center- en-South Spain grazes our eastern border in October and November.

Egmonder Cor Barten likes to share his visits with everyone since 2012 on the Diepholzer Moornieering with stopping places for the crane migration from Lapland and the Baltic States to southern Spain. Before the film, Cor gives a short introductionthing and then we watch the movie (in German).

Movie night is Tuesday night 12 October at 19.30 hour,
walk-in from 19.00 hour. Please for 8 Sign up in October by sending an email to [email protected] or by phone 072 5822310.
We ask for a voluntary contribution for coffee / tea and participation.