Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee is closing its doors, Merlet in Schoorl not yet. “We offer take-away from the restaurant”, let owner Martin van Bourgonje know.

But the owner of Zuiderduin does not like that: “It's a strange sensation, overnight but without food and drink”, let the receptionist know to NH Nieuws. So they close to anyway 19 January.

Against media partner Duinstreek Centraal says Richard Nan van Zuiderduin: “Almost everything else is closed in the village. If the guests are not in the restaurant, of pub, the brasserie and the sauna, and can sleep here alone, it is not the hotel experience we want to offer. So we close”

“It's a madhouse, because it involves hundreds of phone calls”


All reservations for the next five weeks are now made by hotel staff, met 365 rooms a big one in the region, canceled. “It's a madhouse, because it involves hundreds of phone calls. Immediately after the Prime Minister's speech, we started calling the guests who were due to arrive today. The rest is handled in order of arrival date.”

Bookers are given the choice of whether they want to change the date of their stay or get their money refunded. “In general, they fully understand. Given the circumstances, our decision and the solutions offered are positively appreciated.”


Still, Schoorl responds differently to the extremely strict measures. Despite several cancellations, the hotel will remain open until 30 december. “Today in The Hague it was decided that a take-away concept is allowed, so guests can pick up their food in our restaurant.”

In addition to various cancellations, a number of new registrations have also arrived at Merlet. “People sometimes react emotionally because they can get out for a while. Our regular guests are especially happy that we remain open in this form.”

The Schoorl hotel already started delivering four-course dinners to hotel rooms in April. NH Nieuws visited the owners at the start of the corona crisis:

Source: NH news – Priscilla Overbeek