EGMOND SEA – The rebuilding of restaurant De Klok has started this week. In August 2018 the building burned down completely. The remains were scrapped, after which Egmond aan Zee a ½ year’ in the heart of the village.
Today, property owner Ad Baltus announced that the rebuilding has started. “After a fire you have to deal with many processes and parties. From municipality to insurer. I am glad that we are now off the starting blocks.”

The building on Pompplein burned down to the foundation. “That foundation was, for example, a point of discussion: is it good or not anymore?? We ended up working out well together. But it takes time.”

“The contractor started the first visible work this week. The remaining foundation and basement will be demolished, then a completely new building will be built.”

“A schedule is difficult to give due to the uncertain times in which we now live, but the structural work should be ready within four to five months. I keep it on: as quickly as possible.”