These fisherwomen belong in Egmond. Who helps?


Roeland Koning completed his finest work in Egmond 1925.
The Museum van Egmond already owns ten works by the painter, but this beautiful, almost life-size painting by Antje de Groot-Wijker, Jannetje Krab-de Groot and an unknown woman are there.

It is for sale for € 25.000,-


The owner paid this to Kunsthandel Simonis years ago & Buunk who bought it from America.
More about this can be found in the Museumbode, can be collected free of charge at Boekandel Dekker for interested parties.
Contributions to the benefit of. St. Museum of Egmond o..v.v. "Fishermen's women’ NL84RABO 0315770112
All donors are welcome to a special reception when the painting has arrived. But it is far from that yet!. Let's do this together!