EGMOND SEA – Not recovering from Christmas at home on the couch, but nice to the coast. Several beachgoers were looking forward to the high waves and strong gusts of wind. Storm Bella held the province in her grip all morning and early afternoon.

“Then it is fun, However? Delicious. Let's see how high the sea is”, a mother explains her arrival. She and her son enjoy the beach of Egmond aan Zee. “When you see the sea like this, is that nice”,adds another woman. She came to the beach with her family. Her son discovers another benefit: “The wind blows very hard so I can run super fast!”

So at the end of the year, this storm comes as called for some: “A bit cold but enjoy. Just let all Christmas perils disappear from your head and on to New Year's Eve.”



Storm Bella also brought problems. Into the corona test street Zaandam is closed today because of the strong wind and in Monnickendam a boat came loose from the shore. The fire brigade eventually managed to reattach the boat. Trees have also been blown down in various places, like in Velsen-Zuid.

At Schiphol this morning, planes were bothered by gusts that rose to such a level 80 kilometers per hour. Some pilots had to abort the landing, fly around and then try again on another runway.