In and around the Egmonden there is plenty of space to enjoy a day out in a safe and responsible way, even in these special times, weekend or vacation. In addition to the outdoor communication that we have placed in Egmond aan Zee on behalf of the municipality of Bergen Noord-Holland, we will also give you updates on the applicable measures here.

You can read more about corona measures related to your visit here

Beach and dunes, Restaurants and other catering establishments, Stores, Spend the night in Egmond in General rules.

Beach and dunes


  • The beach is "just" open and accessible
  • Keep minimal 1,5 meters away from others
  • Find space: Egmond has in total 8 kilometers of beach
  • Choose another beach entrance, this is how we spread the crowds
  • Walk a bit when you get to the beach, This way you help to avoid crowds around beach entrances
  • look at all the general beach rules on the website of the municipality of Bergen


  • Also observe the distance rules in the dune area
  • The dune area is large enough for relaxed and safe walking and cycling, but stay on the paths
  • Read more about it North Holland Dune Reserve on the PWN website


  • Keep to the right as much as possible in the shopping street
  • Keep minimal in stores 1,5 meters away from other customers and store personnel
  • Follow the directions of the store personnel
  • Shop alone as much as possible
  • Pay as much as possible with pin or mobile
  • Check the entrance of the store to see how many customers are allowed to enter at the same time
  • Follow the mapped walking route in the store
  • Most shops in Egmond aan Zee are 7 days a week
  • follow the Responsible Shopping Guidelines from the national government

Fisherman Vissuper Egmond

The Vissuper in Egmond aan Zee has been open since 1986 a concept in the front street. Willem and Yvonne Visser run this fresh fish shop together and sell different version fish, sandwiches and fries. baked, filleted or fried. A small terrace makes it a cozy corner at the beginning of the front street (near the station). Bent [...]

Kimberly’s Hairshop weer open

Kimberly's Hairsalon open again The train rages on and Kimberly de Goede is not sitting still now that hair is allowed again. In her modern salon, Kimberly’s Barber & Hairshop at the Herenweg in Egmond What she used to do alone, she now does together with a colleague. The asset Xenya who works as a freelancer [...]

Backyard Surfshop!

Backyard Surfshop is a Rip Curl brand store specializing in single fin wave surfing. We have one of the largest collections of Rip Curl in the Netherlands. Besides casual clothes for ladies, men and kids of course also wetsuits and accessories. We sell unique surfboard brands. Custom orders of stock boards uit California, France, Spain and Australia. In addition, we have [...]

Find and book an artist at CAT International

Find and book an artist at CAT International Cat is already 40 year your booking & management agency CAT International can take on any challenge… from idea to implementation, from booking artists to realizing international tours and from concept development to (your) total event… Dini Maagdenberg CAT International booking & management agency [...]

Boat lettering for all types of boats

About our company: Patrick de Letter Patrick de Letter BV: your reliable engraving supplier, facade letters, lettering, and print work. Every day we are engaged in the production of engraving work, facade letters, lettering and full-color prints in large and small format. Our production is located from Landsmeer to the north of Amsterdam on the A10 ring road. Most [...]

Ijsmakerij See you

Excellent quality About ci Vediamo Ci Vediamo is for your restaurant, ice cream parlor or catering company the best choice when it comes to traditionally made scoop ice cream, chocolate and desserts. Ci Vediamo is for your restaurant, ice cream parlor or catering company the best choice when it comes to traditionally made scoop ice cream, chocolate and desserts. With more than 500 satisfied [...]

Restaurants, beach pavilions and other catering establishments

  • Restaurants, beach pavilions and other eats- and drinking places on 1 June the doors reopened
  • Always follow directions from the catering staff
  • Hold 1,5 meters away from other guests and employees
    • At a table, maximum 2 persons are seated, unless it concerns a joint household consisting of more people
    • Maximum allowed at the bar 2 people standing or sitting side by side, unless it concerns a joint household consisting of more people
    • There may only be seats on the terrace. Stay at home if you have a cold or flu symptoms
  • The catering company can refuse guests if they suspect a cold- and / or flu complaints
  • Always follow the directions of the personnel
  • Wash your hands thoroughly upon entry
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after visiting the toilet
  • Pay with pin or mobile
  • Products ordered online are delivered to the front door, without physical contact


  • May inside 30 guests
  • You must make a reservation
  • You must sit at a table
  • An employee will ask you if you have a cold or a fever. Do you have any complaints?? Then you should stay at home
  • You should 1,5 keep meters away
    Source: Central government


  • On terraces may more than 30 people sit when there is enough room
  • You must sit at a table
  • You should 1,5 meters away from other visitors
  • People out 1 household do not have to keep their distance from each other
    Source: Central government

Download the information leaflet for a safe visit to the catering industry.

Do not forget

  • Always keep 1,5 meters
  • Do not go to places where it is busy
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow
  • Wash your hands often with soap
  • Do you have a cold?? Then stay at home!
  • Do you have a fever or are you short of breath? Then you and all your housemates should stay at home

Look out

This page is only a guide. The rules, measures and guidelines from the government, the RIVM, KHN of andere (interests)organizations are always leading. Rules or measures may vary per store or restaurant. Always follow the rules that apply at the location where you are.

Changes subject to change.

Important information about the doctor

Always call immediately in case of emergency / emergency 112.

Coronaklachten? Get tested
read here more information or call 0800-1202.

General practitioner
Do you have a fever and / or respiratory complaints? Do not come to the general practice, but read more first in and answer the questions. This way you can see whether it is necessary to contact your doctor. The GP practice asks you to always first contact us by telephone and not to come to the practice without an appointment.

The assistants will discuss with you by telephone whether it is necessary to come to the practice. It is possible that you will be called back by the doctor first to see if you need to come to the GP surgery Alkmaar or if the doctor is visiting you.

Other complaints
Feel free to contact the doctor by telephone, but do not come to the practice without an appointment. The GPs do the consultation hours by telephone as much as possible. Only if physical examination is required, will be asked if you come to the practice. The doctor can also visit.

General practice adheres to the measures of RIVM, this means there is less space in the waiting room. Do you have an appointment with the doctor? Preferably wait in your car. You will be called when it is your turn.

Spend the night in Egmond

  • It is allowed to stay in hotels, apartments, holiday homes, bed and breakfasts or holiday parks with their own sanitary facilities
  • Common laundry, toilet- and shower facilities at recreational parks, holiday parks and camping sites are currently closed until 1 July
  • Limit physical contact and make good arrangements about arrival, stay and before departure
  • The accommodation is clean. Cleaning takes place in accordance with RIVM guidelines with extra attention to door handles, Lichtschakelaars, remote control etc.
  • Extra hygiene. Keep your accommodation clean and ventilate regularly
  • Be self-reliant. Bring groceries and use takeout- or delivery options from restaurants
  • Avoid crowds and give each other space. Keep an appropriate distance from others and be kind to one another
  • Each accommodation has its own specific hygiene- or security measures. Please contact your host or hostess about this
  • Find out overnachtingsaanbod on our website.