Egmond cleanest beach again 2022

Egmond cleanest beach again 2022

(Photo: Chef Kenniphaas)

Blue flag flies again on the beaches of the municipality of Bergen

BERGEN NH – The municipality of Bergen again received the Blue Flag. This is an international award that is awarded annually to beaches and marinas that are clean, be safe and sustainable.

To achieve this award, beaches must meet a number of important criteria such as clean (swim)water, good sanitation and a high degree of safety. Being allowed to carry a Blue Flag is a recognition for the efforts that the beach municipality has made in this area. The Blue Flag is valid for one year: annually, based on checks, it is reviewed whether the beaches and marinas still meet the requirements.


Alderman Erik Bekkering of the municipality of Bergen is proud of the Blue Flag. “For us it is a recognition of the quality of our beaches. We invest a lot in a high-quality product where sustainability, nature and the environment are important components. The criteria of the Blue Flag are a good toolbox in this regard. Everyone within our organization therefore knows where he or she stands.”

Bathing water quality

Bathing water quality is an important Blue Flag criterion. This must be the EU- have an excellent rating. According to the municipality of Mons, the Blue Flag jury is pleased that more beaches can fly a Blue Flag again because the water quality there has improved.. In the municipality of Bergen, the bathing water quality therefore also meets these strict requirements.

Source: RTV80


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