Alderman Arend Jan van den Beld catches up

This summer we took up the challenge and started setting up a Bergens participation policy for and by the residents. Many conversations in community buildings, churches, cafes and online we have conducted. Over 100 people fed us. We mainly listened to how everyone
participation. What went well and what went wrong. Many causes underlie this.

During these conversations we became very aware that making participation policy is not easy. We will learn it step by step. Experiences that we convert into (game)rules, a code of conduct or perhaps a participation council that gives us solicited and unsolicited advice. The conversations of recent months have also shown us something different. Participation policy is more than a toolbox with instruments. It tells us what is going on in society. It ensures that we are in contact with each other. We learn to understand each other and sometimes we don't. Participation is therefore mainly about people and their environment. In our villages this is perhaps even stronger than elsewhere. We make a strong contribution. We like to keep everything as it is because our villages are beautiful as they are. And sometimes things have to be done differently because we also want to move forward. It is an eternal conflict that you have to resolve together and if that does not work … there is now a participation policy!

From next week, the policy and vision can be viewed at Participate in the next steps?


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