One to enjoy!

After publishing the cookbook from the region in Heemskerk, Beverwijk, Uitgeest and Castricum thought Sylvia Blok from Heiloo was the turn of her own region. From the start, enthusiasm about participation at all restaurants was tremendous. The difficulty of the dishes should not be too high. For the rest, the participants can decide for themselves what kind of recipe they want to submit. These are all recipes for the dishes that you normally find on the menu in the relevant catering establishments. A good look behind the scenes. To reduce the costs of the book sponsors were sought and found by girlfriend Judith Pronk from Egmond.

Sylvia: "In addition to offering financial support and relief to the hospitality industry in a modest way, it is also something of togetherness and positivity in these times. I mean, Going out for dinner is ultimately important for many people and the lack of it in these times is a great loss. That you can imagine yourself in your favorite restaurant again is really nice ".

If the final proceeds are known after the deduction of the costs, that amount will be divided among the participating restaurants.

The cookbook from the Heiloo region, Egmond, Limmen en Bergen aan Zee is for sale in many places, but can also be ordered via the website of your favorite restaurant or via at € 14,95. Below you can also find an overview of all participating catering establishments and points of sale.