Song duo Verheijen van Loon gives Sunday 30 October
a concert of Schubert's Winterreise in the Buurkerk in Egmond-binnen.


Bram and Joris together form duo Verheijen van Loon. They met during their training in the year 2000. Bram studied English, musicology in Nijmegen and early vocal music at the conservatory in Tilburg. Joris studied music therapy and piano and song accompaniment in Nijmegen at the conservatories of Zwolle and Maastricht. For both the sung story is a passion. Their first joint project is Schuberts' Winterreise. In this, Bram's Gregorian-trained tenor voice comes together with the fortepiano as it also sounded in Schubert's time..

They were and are being coached by Steven Faber, Kristian Bezuidenhout and Rebecca Stewart. Ever since 2019 they perform this song cycle together, in 2021 with a first tour through the Netherlands. Joris plays on a fortepiano built for him by the Maene firm after a copy of an instrument by Johann Fritz (1811) from Vienna.



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