Anne Klijnstra

EGMOND-INSIDE – Where can we go later?? That is the question that hangs like the sword of Damocles above the clothing bank Egmond. Certainly with the increasing number of minimums that make use of the clothing supplier. When they have to leave the current bulb shed, they don't know. But with just one month's notice, they find it after months of searching in vain, can be very exciting.

“Children-, Women- and menswear, shoe, Jewelry, underwear”, Tamara Tuls-Wijker sums up. “We really have everything here for minimums.” In May this year, the Clothing bank Egmond started in Egmond-Binnen, and they were busy right away.

Net als other clothing banks in Noord-Holland they see the number of customers growing due to the corona crisis. “We notice that it is getting busier every day. Very poignant and I am afraid, unfortunately, that it will be much busier.”

“Until now we are up 900 people we were able to make happy.” Together with fifteen volunteers, she tries to send everyone home with full bags. “Pay minimum 1 euros per person, so not per garment, and they can take as much as they need. We have enough.”


Now that more and more people are dependent on the clothing bank, The threat of homelessness is of great concern to Tamara. “We are very happy that we were able to start here, but this bulb shed will eventually go flat for housing construction.”

“We don't know when to get out. The owner cannot tell us that yet. We have to be gone within a month, find something. That's my biggest fear now.” She has been looking forward to a permanent place since January. Until now without success.

The municipality, who previously managed to arrange the bulb shed, thinks along with the clothing bank. “All business associations in the municipality have been written to”, let a spokesperson know. “We have every confidence that there will be a suitable destination.”

“We put out feelers everywhere and we have contact with the municipality”, Tamara tells. “And it does not necessarily have to be in Egmond. It is also allowed in Alkmaar, Heiloo or Castricum. As long as the clothes bank can stay.”

source: NH News