With a three-month delay, digital parking can probably be introduced in the municipality of Bergen in June. That was actually already on 1 must happen in march, but at the last minute it turned out that more certainties had to be built in to protect the data of the inhabitants. For example, it concerns the citizen service number (BSN) that is requested when applying for a permit. Now that the municipality of Bergen wanted to turn on the Cooperative Parking Service for the implementation, privacy issues turned out to be more complicated than first thought.

Introducing digital parking in the municipality of Bergen makes it easier for the municipality and for the inhabitants of the municipality, states alderman Bekkering. He knows the concerns that exist about how the elderly now have to register their visitors via a mobile phone or computer, if they are not so digitally skilled. The Bergen alderman of Kies Lokaal parries the criticism: “Sometimes it doesn't get any easier, but digitization is something of this time.

That is why the municipality of Bergen wants to help ensure that all residents can participate and have sufficient digital skills”. He acknowledges that there are currently residents who are less digitally skilled, But the municipality offers to make all residents as digitally skilled as possible. In addition, the municipality of Bergen wants to offer a temporary alternative to the digital visitor card: “for the people who are still working on their digital skills in the meantime”.

The digital visitor card also has many advantages, says the alderman Parking policy. “Sometimes a paper map gets lost, and for hotels, for example, it is now a lot of hassle, while it can be done digitally much easier.” Two systems side by side takes away many of the benefits, and you are much more expensive. The final picture is digital.”

As soon as the alderman can announce later this month that digital parking can be introduced, the municipality of Bergen announces how it wants to improve the digital skills of the elderly. As soon as digital parking starts, is there an adjustment period of two months during which the old permits remain valid: “There is plenty of time to apply for a new permit and let residents get used to the new system,” close the Bergenaar.


Digital parking, and the digital visitor card.

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