Egmondia has shown enormous resilience against the champion candidate. After a backlog of 3-0 the team came back strongly and in the end managed to keep one point from the game against Hercules Zaandam: 3-3. Trainer Tristan Ooms had to improvise with his line-up after the three red ones
cards from last week. In addition, he missed two other basic players for other reasons.

With Marc Min in the center, he tried to solve this problem. Big compliment to Marc, who took on this task more than sufficiently. Within a minute, however, the home team was up 0-1 behind when keeper Steven Bakker missed out and Hercules Zaandam took advantage of this. In the seventh minute, the 0-2 on the scoreboard. Marc Min made a wrong choice when defending, which resulted in a loss of the ball and the visitors quickly switched and scored the second goal via the center. Egmondia had a unique opportunity to score the tying goal after the referee placed the ball on the spot. in the absence of Carlo Smit, Jip van der Himst took over this job. His first bet was stopped, but because the keeper got off his line too quickly, should the penalty be taken over. The second penalty was far too weak and was easily stopped. It got even worse for the Blue and White when Hercules Zaandam scored for the third time in the 25th minute. Instead of 1-2 it was now 0-3.

A major defeat for the derpers seemed in the making. But then Justin Recourt there shortly after halftime with a formidable goal 1-3 made of it, People started to believe in it a bit on the Egmondia side. In the 73rd minute, Mats Stam brought the tension back into the game. With a beautiful shot he scored the connection goal 2-3. The visitors tried to attract the match again, but a very hard working Egmondia made it whole
made difficult. Trainer Ooms's men grew in the match. This resulted in the equalizer just under ten minutes before the end. In a messy situation in front of Hercules' goal, the ball landed at Justin Recourt's feet. In such a situation he feels like a fish in water. Even now he did not hesitate and scored
of 3-3. For a moment Egmondia even seemed to get the full profit. However, on the other hand, keeper Steven Bakker managed to save his club from a defeat with a few good saves. With this he more than made up for his mistake at the start of the match. Thus the match ended in a sensational draw. A huge boost for Egmondia, who sent the opponent back to Zaandam with a huge hangover. On Sunday Egmondia will play the difficult away match at Koedijk.

links – Egmondia fought for what it was worth and held out after one 3-0 still one point behind in the game against Hercules Zaandam: 3-3.