BERGEN - The Bergen college agreed on Tuesday with the update of the Parking Policy and the implementation agenda. This parking policy will be presented to the committee and the city council later this year.

The proposal is that parking for residents, entrepreneurs and their customers is given priority. Others, such as long-term parkers and day visitors, can park at a greater distance from the center areas of the villages and other busy destinations.

Environmentally friendly approach'
“The measures in the new parking policy increase the quality of life in the villages and reduce parking nuisance without this being at the expense of residents and entrepreneurs in the villages,” according to alderman Erik Bekkering.. With the new parking policy, the college wants to reduce the nuisance in the villages and in other busy areas (tourist) reduce destinations. Another aim is to promote the use of other more environmentally friendly modes of transport. As a result, the municipality expects a decrease in 'parking search traffic' (visitors looking for a parking space by car) and does the parking policy contribute to the municipal climate ambitions.

In October 2018 the city council asked the college in a motion to update the parking policy. Residents and entrepreneurs are involved. There was an expert meeting, through an online survey, residents were able to, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders give their opinion and there were residents evenings. conversion: “A lot of information was collected in this way. It also turned out that there were different opinions. The college therefore also had to make its own assessment. We also took into account climate ambitions, quality of life and other policy areas.”

Measures at specific locations
Parking regulation is only introduced where this is necessary to allocate the scarce parking space and when parking pressure is high. The proposal is that paid parking in Schoorl therefore expires on weekdays in winter, while paid parking will be introduced on weekend days in Egmond aan Zee and Bergen aan Zee. In front of (day)The municipal executive wants to investigate transfers on the outskirts of the villages for recreational users and other long-term parkers so that they can continue their journey with additional transport. There will also be (additional) bicycle parking spaces laid out.

There will be a progressive tariff system: the rate increases the longer you park. To prevent competition between villages, the college continues to assume one parking system for the entire municipality. For ease of use, parking permits will be further digitized and the (digital) parking options expanded. Information provision is being improved. The permit system and the area division are being revised so that permit holders can park as close to home or business as possible.

In Egmond aan Zee, the parking of tractors in the village is regulated by a permit system. In Schoorl and Bergen, many roadsides are used for parking. In places where this causes nuisance, come measures. That is assessed per situation. In Bregtdorp (Schoorl) is now being investigated with the residents whether a parking permit area is an option there. There will be more parking spaces along the Duinweg.