Lars Voskuil is recommended as new mayor of the municipality of Bergen. The city council of Bergen decided that on Tuesday evening and then made it public.

Mr Voskuil has political-administrative experience as a Member of Parliament and party chairman of the PvdA faction in the Provincial Council of North Holland and as a councilor and faction leader in the municipal councils of Naarden and Gooise Meren. He has his own mediation practice with care and government as focus areas. The intended mayor, 53 year, was born in Amsterdam, is married and has two children. He lives in Naarden.

Residents of the municipality could think about the profile for the mayor of Bergen. There came only 27 reactions to from the total of almost 30.000 residents. Perhaps that had to do with the little confidence that has been there for years in the governance and politics of Bergen.

Most important wish for a new 'first citizen'’ is that that trust is being worked on. The municipal councilors also endorse this in the final profile.

Confidentiality Committee

On 9 February 2021 the municipal council determined which requirements a new mayor must meet. On that day, the
Confidential Committee appointed to look for a new mayor. The confidential committee consisted of the (deputy) group leaders of all political groups represented in the council. In addition, a councilor, the municipal secretary and the clerk of the committee serve as advisors.

Recommendation to minister

In total applied 38 candidates for the position. The Confidentiality Committee held discussions with a number of candidates and prepared a proposal to the council. The city council of Bergen subsequently decided to recommend Lars Voskuil to the
Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Installation scheduled on 8 September The recommendation of the municipal council goes to the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. When the appointment is a fact, is not yet known. Of
expectation and planning is that Mr Voskuil will 8 september 2021 is installed as the new mayor of Bergen.