Bergen encourages energy savings with sustainability loan

The council of the municipality of Bergen wants to stimulate sustainability by residents. Taking sustainable measures is not financially feasible for every home owner. With a sustainability loan, the municipality hopes to convince home owners to take action more quickly. Achieving the national CO2 reduction targets is a huge task for many municipalities, also for Bergen. To help homeowners as much as possible, a Sustainability loan to offer a solution. With such a loan, a loan can be taken out at very low interest costs to finance large investments.

To make the existing housing stock more sustainable, the municipality has had a subsidy scheme for energy-saving measures for existing owner-occupied homes for years.. Over the years, this arrangement has been used more and more.

However, this subsidy scheme is unsuitable for helping homeowners who have insufficient budget for the substantial investments needed to prepare the home for the future.. .


The Sustainability Loan offers many advantages for home owners compared to the national Energy Saving Loan. For example, there is the possibility to apply for a loan only for solar panels or a heat pump. This is not possible with the national loan.
In addition to energy-saving and energy-generating measures, climate-adaptive measures and an energy storage measure are also included in this regulation. The costs of these measures are relatively high, which means that there is a chance that a home owner will choose not to take these measures if they have to finance it themselves..

Application procedure

The loan can be applied for by private homeowners. The application form can be found on the website of the Noord-Holland Noord Environment Agency, which assesses the application and where you can also ask questions..
After a positive assessment, the applicant will receive a provisional allocation with which they can go to the website of the Public Housing Stimulation Fund to actually take out the loan..