Door Eelke Kelderman

I had the honor and scoop to dirty the tires of the brand new electric beach wheelchair at Egmond aan Zee!

It remains a special experience to tear up the beach yourself and experience the sea and beach life from up close. Seagulls and fisherman fighting each other over a fish! Delicious.

I stayed at the Egmonden, bekijk ook even deze fijne rolstoeltoegankelijke vakantieappartementen Deze E-Jutter Wombat goes through the loose sand with ease and does not sink into the wet sand. The speed can be increased a bit, a brisk walk is not an option. Relaxed touring that is the advice. The chair is leaning back a bit, because I like to sit up straight I needed some padding in my back. The side railing can be folded up for easier transfer.

The chair was purchased by the owner of apartments and is rented out via