Ferris wheel Egmond 2021 The first Live images

Last Friday white smoke came out of the chimney. "I'm glad we can stand again!”, as Jan Vallentgoed told it. Wednesday 30 June the Ferris wheel in the car park on the Bouleget started again. We worked hard over the weekend to get the material in place and build the wheel. The wheel is placed further south towards the warehouse of the Pinck and no more, like last year at De Werf.
It is a true attraction and eye-catcher for Egmond aan Zee that many tourists and residents will enjoy again. For now, the wheel will remain in place for two months

The Ferris wheel is back in the large parking lot next to the beach in Egmond aan Zee. This year it has been chosen to turn it a quarter turn with next year. Now you think, you really above the water when you are spinning at the top of the Ferris wheel.

So first nice one Eating pizza at Angelo's on the Square, then an ice cream from Pravisani in the Voorstraat and then Hop in the Ferris wheel.