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Cozy up with friends, colleagues or family and enjoy a delicious 3 course dinner with, for each round, an escaperoom-like puzzle that you must solve at the table to unlock your next course! All you need is a phone with enough battery, your ready knowledge and some friends.

The concept

Escaperooms are everywhere these days, people enjoy solving puzzles/riddles in groups. Dining is often also part of an outing, so that is why I have combined these 2 things in the form of “Puzzle Tastings.” It is a multi-course lunch or dinner where each course is preceded with a puzzle that must be solved before you get your food. The interpretation of the food is devised by each restaurateur and published on this website. In the process, the culinary choices are vast.

The puzzles

The puzzles range from knowledge, logic, math to language puzzles. All puzzles are invented and handmade by us. You get as many puzzles as courses during your arrangement. You only need a smartphone to enter your login code. In the same online environment, you will also receive the hints and the time will be tracked digitally. Time starts as soon as the puzzle is on the table. Time stops as soon as you enter the correct solution on your phone. All times of all participants are tracked in a leaderboard so you can see how well you did. All puzzle series have a Letter, for example series A. This series A is the same at all restaurants. If you have already had these, choose a different letter when booking.

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