Live webcam with night vision Strandpaviljoen Nautilus

The webcam on the beach of Egmond aan Zee
* Live gives you instant insight on the terrace of this great thing.

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Nautilus by the Sea

Welcome to Nautilus by the Sea, the sustainable pavilion Netherlands. Nautilus is on the spot where once stood the beloved Strandpaviljoen De Schelp. The shell was 1978 – 2018 a concept in Egmond and surroundings for socializing, food and drink.

Nautilus aan Zee 12 months per year, open every day. Experience the ultimate beach rhythm at Nautilus by the Sea!

Nautilus by the Sea is ideal for organizing your party or event. The unique Nautilus by the Sea is above the roof can be reserved.

We have a top restaurant beside the possibility to large groups (to 500 people) to place. The groups coming so far are very diverse. Business events (training, presentations, corporate events, brainstorming sessions, workshops and meetings) to parties that deserve a unique location. Are you looking for a location for a party / meeting? Choose the unique combination of beach & (top)restaurant.


Nautilus is, Like its predecessor, an accessible and welcoming pavilion. Here you will feel welcome and enjoy sun, sea, beach and delicious food and drinks. Nautilus is 12 months per year, open every day. Experience the ultimate beach rhythm Nautilus!


Egmond aan Zee is over 1000 years a fishing village. In the year 977 built a rich gentleman farmer from Egmond Inside houses by the sea for poor families. They were fishermen 10 percent of their catch to the abbey of Egmond Within needed attention. In exchange, they were allowed free in one of the houses live.

At the beginning of this century, tourism will develop. People came mainly for the healthy sea air. From major cities were a lot of young children staying in the colony houses.

Egmond aan Zee has become a bustling village which is loved by people, who love socializing.


Nautilus by the Sea is located near the shopping center with a large parking area on the plateau. Nearby is also the boathouse of the Royal Dutch Rescue. On the south side under a roof is built on years Pinck. This is a fishing vessel with a flat bottom as the centuries Egmond is used immediately from the beach out to sea to go. There is s repeated to create a stack this beautiful authentic sailing ship logs. In spring 2007 the Pinck is baptized. Weather permitting, the men will sometimes sail.

When you walk down the beautiful beach from here, you come to our pavilion, which since 1974 for many people has become a fixed beacon 100% to enjoy.

Visiting hours

We are open year round from morning 9:00 hour to as long as it is cozy. Our kitchen opens an hour later. In front of celebrations and parties We are of course open longer!


Nautilus by the Sea
Egmond aan Zee
: 072 506 4195
: [email protected]