Date / Time
02/12/21 - 03/12/21
8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Mayor Eymaplein, Egmond aan Zee


Weekly market Egmond aan Zee

Weekly market Egmond aan Zee

On Thursdays you will not find a large market here with hundreds of stalls and no market vendors trying to outdo each other's screams, but a number of stalls with good and fresh products. That's the weekly market in Egmond aan Zee.

In een hip toeristenboekje over Barcelona of een andere willekeurige populaire metropool zou deze weekmarkt omschreven worden als de plek waar locals hun inkopen doen. Or as a place undiscovered by tourists. Or as a counter to the emerging supermarket giants.

But fortunately Egmond aan Zee is not a metropolis. And luckily the weekly market is just a weekly market. Every Thursday you can find Eymaplein at the Burgemeester Eymaplein (next to Pompadour and opposite Zeeman) a fishmonger, cheesemonger, greengrocer, baker, florist, spring roll stall and a few more providers of beautiful products.

So do you feel like a piece of fresh cheese? A nice fish? Or a bag of nuts? Come in on Thursday 08.00 in 13.00 hours to the weekly market in Egmond aan Zee.