Date / Time
20/03/22 - 21/03/22
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Old Catholic Parish St. Agnes


Eucharist celebration

The celebration of the Eucharist takes place in observance of age-old forms and customs, but always without these having the upper hand over what they mean. It is not a ritual that is completed because it is “that's how it should be”. The Old Catholic Church has different kinds of services and a wide variety of liturgical practices, objects, robes and music. It is precisely because of this diversity that it sometimes seems inaccessible and astonishes the casual visitor.


The liturgy

The Old Catholic Church has traditionally attached great importance to the liturgy, the order of worship. In the sacramental life, the heart of the Church beats, as it were. On Sundays, the congregation gathers to celebrate the Eucharist, the meal of bread and wine, in imitation of what Christ and His disciples did the night before the Master was to finish His Passion vol. In the Eucharistic Celebration, Christ is truly present under the signs of bread and wine. In the liturgical celebrations come the mystery of the redemption of the individual and the liberation of the People of God, both of the whole world and all of creation, together: God's Kingdom is announced as the purpose of our lives and more than that: it's already there, it is present where people do good to each other in Christ’ managing the name and the world and creation with reverence and respect for God.

But those who want to penetrate the fascinating WORLD OF LITURGY are rewarded by the experience of deep spiritual life, accompanied by beauty and rich tradition.