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Beach and dunes of Egmond

More than 1000 years, the 3 Egmonds known only to a few years ago as an independent municipality but after the merger called three villages now Mountains not only because the sea has an almost magical aura. Especially during summer months when the sea gives light by "Noctiluca" it is a good place [...]

Beautiful Drone images in 4K | June 2021

Egmond aan Zee is a seaside resort in the municipality of Bergen in the Dutch province of North Holland. Popularly, the place is also called Derp (or in capital letters DERP) called. The dialect spoken is also called Derperspers, which is considered to be the dialect of West Frisian, but belongs to the most divergent of the sub-dialects. In [...]

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BEACH, SUNSHINE, COLD WINES & GOOD FOOD More than 40 a household name on the Egmond beach for years. A little bit of southern France on the Egmond coast with, among other things,(h)honest dishes, cocktails and a beautiful collection of wines. A nice beach day at our rental, sunbeds on the terrace or in our restaurant, Seahorse Egmond offers you the total experience! Enjoy your stay! Opening hours Monday [...]

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Beautiful beaches in Egmond aan Zee

Have you often heard of the beautiful beaches in Egmond aan Zee and have you decided to spend your next holiday in Egmond aan Zee ? So you certainly made a fantastic decision, because the place literally invites you to take a break and is really one of the [...]

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Live webcam Beach of Petten

The village of Petten A lot has changed in Petten aan Zee recently. For example, Petten has been given a beautiful new beach and new dunes have been created. But a few things have also changed in the center and Petten is still developing. It only gets better. Parking the car? Are you coming with the [...]

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Live webcam Castricum

(Water)sports center Sports at Sea The water sports center is intended for all beach sports you can think of, from kite, wind- and golf surfing to volleyball, rugby, stand up paddling and much more. In the complex, space has been made for a lounge area, lockers and sanitary facilities that members of Sports at Sea can use. [...]

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Webcam Nautilus Beach pavilion

Live webcam with night view of Beach Pavilion Nautilus The webcam on the beach of Egmond aan Zeig gives you direct * Live insight on the terrace of this great business. Nautilus by the Sea Welcome to Nautilus by the Sea, the sustainable pavilion Netherlands. Nautilus is on the spot where once stood the beloved Strandpaviljoen De Schelp. The shell [...]

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Sand nourishment Egmond aan Zee

Usually in April bringing dredgers between boats club Yard just beyond the beach pavilion Tropics total 400.000 cubic meters of sand on the beach of Egmond aan Zee. The material then passes over the beach at Bergen aan Zee. Is there 600.000 cubic meters of sand placed on the beach from the Coast Sailing- in botenvereniging [...]

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Webcam Scheveningen

Wake up with the sea at your feet! The Boulevard Hotel, built on a dune top, is an attractive family hotel near the beach and the North Sea.
Enjoy our beautiful view of the new boulevard of Scheveningen and experience the beach feeling at its best.

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The lifeboat “Adriaan Hendrik”

"The boat goes out". This is a winged expression in the Zeedorp. Whether it is a real action (rocket seen!) or to an exercise: a lifeboat that goes out through the surf and sail, is an experience. From March / October, the crew practices every Monday night 19.00 hour.

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rescue (ERB)

The Egmond Redding's brigade which in 1928 was founded to serve accidents at Egmond beach, and drowning victims and in or on the adjacent North Sea. In the summer months the ERB is active in the Egmond beach for monitoring task but remember that the ERB is usable throughout the year [...]

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Beach rules Egmond

Beach rules on the beach of Egmond aan Zee The flags on the beach give you information about, for example, whether you are allowed to swim or whether this part of the beach is guarded. Here is the meaning of the flags. Green flag: safe > bathing allowed; lots of fun! Yellow flag: dangerous sea > pay attention! Applies to [...]

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Motorboat Marie Janne – In Memoriam

For fifty summers were long known this picture, white motorboat Marie Janne who, loaded with tourists and cheerfully decorated with flags, the coast and fro feed. Skipper Dieter Pants began at seventeen, first with his father and since nearly twenty years as a proud owner of Marie Janne. Countless times [...]

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