Usually in April bringing dredgers between boats club Yard just beyond the beach pavilion Tropics total 400.000 cubic meters of sand on the beach of Egmond aan Zee. The material then passes over the beach at Bergen aan Zee. Is there 600.000 cubic meters of sand placed on the beach from the Coast Sailing- and boats association Mountains just beyond pavilion The Arts. According to the schedule all work must be completed by end of April. The material is then discharged via the beach at Egmond aan Zee.

supplement-egmond-2015Why this coastal defense?

By winds and sea coast loses at Bergen and Egmond aan Zee sand. To ensure that Bergen and Egmond aan Zee remains well protected from the sea, Rijkswaterstaat bring sand to the beach. This makes the beach is wider again temporarily. The nature, tourism and recreation benefit from this. To further strengthen the coast this year or next year, later also off the coast two million m3 meters of sand applied under water.

Coast maintains

The work at Bergen and Egmond aan Zee are part of the program for coastal maintenance Rijkswaterstaat. Along with the water boards Rijkswaterstaat maintains the Dutch coast. we do not, we will lose a large part of our land to the sea. And precisely in that part live many people and many companies are located. By the spraying of sand and near shore Rijkswaterstaat keeps the shoreline in place. So the Netherlands remains well protected from the sea.

Good to know.

The work is not accessible anywhere the beach in April and May. The field is off limits because of danger of quicksand around and propelled bulldozers. The area is about 250 meters long and moves along with the werk.Op and nearby beaches can be sprayed sand in strong winds more dust than usual. For beach visitors this is not pleasant, but it is necessary for nature in the dunes. In addition, our weir grows so in a natural manner and rises along with the sea level.

Beach Visitors welcome naturally remain outside the scope and it is highly recommended to take a look around. The dredging job, bulldozers and huge loads of sand deliver beautiful pictures.


During the work are one or more dredgers for the coast spraying sand or deposit. Surfers, sailors and pilots of other ships should take this into account and navigate safely around this distance. With notices to shipping we will inform boaters about the work. At beach entrances are information to inform boaters.