The Protestant Congregation in Egmond is finished 11 december 2006 formally became a fact, after the reformed congregation and the reformed church had already 1997 in SOW-Our municipality is a municipality, a church that offers time and space for celebration and reflection, for respectful, loving relationship with God and with each other, in view of the world, to start with the many guests (tourists) who visit the services every year.

We try from our faith and the mission that we have as Christians, to be open to each other and to our fellow human beings and to support them in the broadest sense of the word. We are aware that the world does not stop at Egmond. We also try to achieve this from an ecumenical point of view. The collaboration with the Old Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church has been given place and content in Egmond.

Worldwide projects from a.o. Kerk in Actie and Amnesty International are supported. Close to home, we are involved in, among other things,. the food bank, Refugee work, the effect of the Social Support Act (Social Support Act) and local projects

Text on the go:
A living church shares responsibilities and invests in the gifts of its members.

Where can we go to churches?

Church building address: Tromp Street 2, 1931 EL Egmond aan Zee

Lock Chapel: Slotweg 19, 1934 CM Egmond aan den Hoef

The church services are freely accessible.

You can also listen to the church service at home via You do not need
sign in.


The existing agreements for the use of the church building for e.g. civil and / or church weddings, as well as for funeral services will be continued. The rates will be adjusted if necessary.

The lease of the Building will also be continued under the conditions determined by the consistory.


PKN kerk Egmond

Working groups, activities, policy plan

Official working groups

church council: the board of the municipality.
Deaconie: Its mission is to provide help to those who need it.
Pastoral consultation: training of elders and deacons who make home visits. College of Church Stewards: is concerned with the administration of the church, building and cemetery.

Other working groups

Editorial 'Samenvaart' : the church bulletin appears 3 x per year.
liturgy group: has input on the content of the services.
Ecumenical Working Group: delegates from all churches of the Egmonden prepare a number of services and discuss matters that are important for ecumenism.

Other activities

Open house (ecumenical): every Thursday morning from ochtend 10.00 AM to 12.00 o'clock in The Building next to the Protestant church in Egmond.

Talking circles: there is one monthly discussion circle (1th Wednesday evening of the month) who himself constantly brings up new themes and a biweekly bible study group (Thursday afternoon), who follows a lectio continua with a commentary by Thomas Closest for more depth.



The Protestant Municipality of Egmond is spread over three villages: Egmond aan Zee, Heiloo and Egmond-Inside.
The villages are part of the civil municipality of Bergen, to which also belong Bergen, Bergen by the Sea, Schoorl and Salute.

The Egmond village centers each have their own character, culture and atmosphere.
Major sources of income are: tourism, Agriculture (bulb growing), livestock and small industry.

The Egmonds have great cultural-historical value, which not only takes shape in buildings and landscape, but also in events and exhibitions.

Egmond profiles itself as a family seaside resort. In the summer months, the villages are overrun with tourists, out inside- and abroad.
Some of them visit the weekly celebrations of our municipality. Hospitality is our top priority. Together we try to take responsibility for each other and thereby push the boundaries.
We also try to achieve this from an ecumenical point of view.

The cooperation with the Old Catholic parish and the Roman Catholic parish has an important place in the Egmonden.

In the 3 Egmonden are four primary schools. There are two care centers, the Prince Hendrik Foundation, care center Huize Agnes, and a hospice.
The Protestant church in Egmond aan Zee is a beautifully restored building from 1746. A well-functioning association building, "the building", is built on it.

PKN kerk Egmond

Vision on being church

The church of Jesus Christ in the Egmonden is a church, a church that offers time and space for celebration and reflection, for respectful, loving relationship with God and with each other, in view of the world, to start with the many guests (tourists) who visit the services every year and also receive a warm welcome after the services during the coffee hour in the Building.

In the winter season, from October to March, togetherness is strengthened by monthly soup meals.

In the church, the congregation - with those guests! – live, feel at home, feel at ease. At fixed times, people can temporarily pitch their tent on it, refresh oneself, revive their souls and then go out into the world again.

There will always be room for the meeting with the Eternal God, Source of our life, who said 'I will be there' - God, who calls on the people par excellence, appeals, so she, triggered by that call, answer in turn.

The municipality is constantly working to ensure that this light of life, this one spirit are renewed and shared. The Word is heard and explained, baptism is administered, bread and wine are shared, songs sung, prayed prayers, put the blessing on the congregation. All this is done with attention and care, with fragrance, color and taste: audible, tangible, sensible, visible.

Faith is allowed with spirit, soul and body are experienced!

The congregation comes together in freedom and is willing to learn to continue to marvel at the long-suffering love God has for us humans. She lives in the realization that God's love for us is a call to build peace and justice in this world. Also the prophetic, often disturbing function does the municipality have in society, a function that does not fit in with the daily routine of society.

The congregation wants to take the priesthood of the faithful seriously. Every member of the congregation shares responsibility for the congregation.

summarizing: the Protestant Congregation Egmond recognizes in its vision a large number of the so-called. ‘promising models for the missionary congregation’ that 2009 were provided by the national service organization:

the community is hospitable, concerned, she draws from the Source, she serves, celebrate and learn, is pastorally moved – and not only at the crossroads of life.
n.a.v. Exodus 25-40

More information about the PKN Church in Egmond can be found on their website:

PKN church Egmond

Church buildings and places of interest.

The church in Egmond aan Zee was built in 1746.
The interior, the pulpit and the stained glass windows are a sight to see. The arms of Alkmaar are on the front of the pulpit, Horn, Enkhuizen, Edam, monk dam, Medemblik and Purmerend, around the coat of arms of West Friesland, surmounted by a royal crown.

The stained glass windows depict the creation story and come from the Reformed church of Egmond aan Zee, that was sold years ago.

The organ was built by Fa L. van Dam in Leeuwarden and originates from 1898.
For photos of the church, see the work of church photographer Diana Nieuwold:

The Slotkapel in Egmond aan den Hoef dates from the early 13th century and was part of the 1573 ruined castle of the Lords of Egmond. The building got its current shape after a thorough restoration in 1634.

Cemetery | Castle chapel in Egmond aan den Hoef

The Protestant municipality of Egmond manages the cemetery at the Slotkapel in Egmond aan den Hoef. You don't need to rent a grave or add an urn (baptism)to be a member of the Church. The graves are two deep, which gives the following possibilities: burial of two coffins and one urn, interment of one coffin and two urns, interment of three urns. You can rent a grave for a period of 20 year. This period can be extended afterwards. You can also directly enter into a rental for a longer period.

Independent of this rent, an annual maintenance fee for the cemetery is due. Of these rights, the cemetery is maintained and the greenery maintained. The maintenance of the grave itself is at the expense of the tenant. The rates are indexed every year. For each grave, one entitled party is registered with the cemetery administration. This rightholder has the exclusive right to indicate who may be interred in the grave, to relinquish the rights or transfer the grave to someone else.

It is advisable to book a place at the Slotkapel. Places are limited here.

For all information: Mr.. A. Wijkermeer, such. 072-5065420, b.g.g. Mr.. J.Mesu 072-5063060. For other questions you can also email: [email protected]

In Egmond aan Zee it is customary to 12.00 hour or 16.00 o'clock to ring the church bell, the so-called 'sounds'.

For information you can call Mr. H.Nauta, such. 072-5062065 of Dhr. A. Wijkermeer, such. 072-5065420